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Royal excursion site is an old name of the beautiful area which is now the Borovica parish and where the royal spring of Radakovica is located.

In medieval Bosnia, in 1349, Stjepan II Kotromanic set foundations of the town of Bobovac. Bosnia was a duchies at the time. It became a kingdom in 1377 and Bobovac was its military and administrative capital, where the royal crown was kept safe. Bobovac became a royal town and is still widely known as such, while the water drunk by kings residing in Bobovac became known as the royal water. "Kraljevska" ("royal") water from the Radakovica spring carries the year 1377 in its name, thereby celebrating the kingdom of Bosnia and the royal town of Bobovac, the residence of Bosnian kings and the place from which they ruled the kingdom.